Why Nobody Strokes Hedgehogs

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“When you live close to people, you cannot help but notice how people show their  affection for their pets: dogs, cats, horses, rabbits... And if you see all this, but no one shows you affection, an important and painful question arises: “Why? Why am I worse?” It was this question that, for a short time, overshadowed the life of a hedgehog who lived in the forest near a village. In this fairytale, with the help of a new friend, the hedgehog finds an answer to his question. And the answer brings him contentment.” Andrey Kurkov

© Production: Tyanachu
Original title: Почему ёжика никто не гладит.
© Story: Andrey Kurkov
© Illustrations: Tania Goryushina
Language: ENGLISH (Limited edition)
Age: 3 - 7
Hard cover, 32 pages
High quality FSC paper

Dimention: 285 x 210 mm.
ISBN: 978-91-984219-4-1